Michael Connelly Chooses ‘The Long Goodbye’ for WSJ Book Club


The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler is the Book of the Month for the Wall Street Journal Book Club. The selection was made by one of today’s greats, Michael Connelly. After reading this article, I have decided I have been putting off reading this noir classic long enough. Who wants to join me in reading this with the WSJ Book Club?

Here is a link to the article:


Also you can join the Book Club on Facebook here:



Bosch Debuts Today

Unfortunately I don’t have Amazon Prime, but if I did, I would be watching this right now.  It looks awesome!  I also look forward to reading the books it is based on by Michael Connelly.  Titus Welliver looks like a great choice for the lead.  Look forward to seeing this when it is released on DVD, unless I find a friend with Prime and watch it with them before hand.  If you are one of the luck ones seeing it today, what did you think?