Paul Schrader Gets Final Cut On L.A. Noirish ‘Dog Eat Dog’ From Eddie Bunker

A movie adaption of Ed Bunker’s Dog Eat Dog is coming!


UPDATE, 6 AM Saturday: Schrader, ever the provocateur, had this to say on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 8.55.36 AMEXCLUSIVE: Arclight Films and Pure Dopamine are teaming director Paul Schrader with Nicolas Cage for Dog Eat Dog, a gritty crime thriller based on the celebrated book by Eddie Bunker. The film, just acquired by Arclight, will be scripted by Matt Wilder and Paul Schrader. Set deep in the underbelly of Los Angeles, pic is a gritty contemporary crime thriller about a trio of ex-cons hired for a kidnapping. When the abduction goes awry and gets completely out of control, the cons find themselves on the run, vowing to stay out of prison at all costs. Production begins in October.

“Ed Bunker is the crime writer’s crime writer,”‘ said Schrader. “He’s in the pantheon and one of the main people who define modern crime writing. He lived the life and lived to tell the story. Dog Eat Dog is…

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