Article in Rolling Stone Magazine: ‘Ray Donovan’: How to Get L.A. Noir Right


A couple of weeks ago I shared an article from titled The Modern Noir Has Atrophied. Though it had some good points one of the main ones was how Season 2 of True Detective has disappointed.

Today Rolling Stone has come out with an article by Rob Sheffield about how great Season 3 of Ray Donovan is and how it has done modern noir right. Here is a link to the full article:

This is interesting because I have had a few discussions with noir fans talking about how bad season 2 of True Detective is and nobody is talking about Ray Donovan and how good it is. If you haven’t watched Ray Donovan I encourage you to do so. I agree with the above article, I almost stopped watching after Season 1 but fell in love with this show during Season 2 and Season 3 is amazing so far.

I have not seen Season 2 of True Detective yet and will hold judgement until I do, but I am not surprised that it has been a let down given Season 1 was so amazing! Here is a link to my review of Season 1:

Here is a link to the Vulture article I mentioned before:

Season 3 Trailer for Ray Donovan

While all the hype for neo noir television is on this Sunday’s premier of True Detective on H.B.O., Showtime quietly released the new trailer for Ray Donovan Season 3. This is a great neo noir series! I was not a big fan of season 1, but didn’t think it was to bad. I gave season 2 a chance and was not disappointed. Season 2 was amazing and I look forward to season 3. This trailer makes me even more excited about season 3. Check out the new trailer below: