Review: A Lady Without Passport


In 1950, the same year Joseph H. Lewis’ classic film noir Gun Crazy was released, he also had a lesser known film noir released, A Lady Without Passport.

This film starts out with a man hunting down another man on the street. When the hunted man is on the run, he is hit by a car. The police find some interesting clues in his pocket that lead to Cuba. This leads to John Hodiak’s  U.S. Immigration Service Agent Peter Karczag going undercover in Havana to bust a human smuggling ring.


All things seem to be going by the book until he meets the beautiful Marianne Lorress played by Hedy Lamarr. Lorress is trying to get to America where her father is. Now Karczag is torn between helping Lorress and busting the human smugglers. Though this film tackles the subject of illegal immigration, a subject still relevant today, this is not the most complex or compelling story line. The film takes us from Havana, Cuba to some great scenes in the Florida Everglades. The shoot locations and Hedy Lamarr do make this an entertaining film.


This is another well directed and great looking film by Joseph H. Lewis and should be watched by fans of his. If you are new to Lewis, I would start with the more classic Gun Crazy or The Big Combo from 1955.