Article: Neo-Noiriste John Dahl

I came across this article on John Dahl, who’s first three films are all great neo-noir films. Those are Kill Me Again, Red Rock West and The Last Seduction. He made a couple more noirish greats in Rounders and Joy Ride.

This article maybe a little dated, since it was written in 2010, but for the most part very little has changed in the movie industry since then and Dahl has some good points. One thing Dahl doesn’t touch on in this article is television. Maybe television is the place where people can be a little more experimental and free to try what they want. It’s interesting that since this article Dahl has exclusively worked on television and has directed episodes of some of the great neo-noir series in the last 5 years including Breaking Bad, Dexter, Terriers, Arrow, Hannibal, Ray Donovan, Justified, Aquarius and more. Check out the full article below:

Do you feel neo-noir is moved out of the theater and onto are T.V. screens?