Article: Dennis Lehane drops into St. Petersburg for a riveting reading


Here is a short article about Dennis Lehane at a reading in St. Petersburg. It talks about what Lehane is working on right now, including a new book and a couple television series. I don’t know about you, but I’m always excited for new projects from this man. Read the full article here for all the details:

News: Ben Affleck’s ‘Live By Night’ Starts Filming; See the First Photo From the Set

Oh, Happy Day! Ben Affleck has started shooting Live By Night today! If you haven’t read the book by Dennis Lehane I recommend you do. Here is a shot Affleck posted to his Tweeted earlier today.

Read more on the film over at Slash Film here:

News: David Fincher’s STRANGERS ON A TRAIN Remake Not Happening Anytime Soon

So for better or for worse, the Strangers on a Train remake is put on hold for now. I was actually looking forward to this one, if anybody was going to remake this classic, this is the team to do it. On the other hand we are getting some good neo noir projects from the team in the meantime. Ben Affleck will be working on Live by Night based on the Dennis Lehane noir book. He will also be working on a new Batman stand alone film, hopefully in the noir tradition of past Batman projects. David Fincher and Gillian Flynn will be working together again on a H.B.O. series Utopia, which sounds like a great sci-fi neo noir series. Flynn will also be working on Widows, a television series about mob widows.

Though this project may or may not see production anytime soon, the projects this threesome are working on sound promising. Do you think a remake is a good idea? Could you pick a better threesome to make it?

Here is the full article written by Adam Chitwood over at Collider:

An Interesting Article From Dave Zeltserman

This is an interesting article on what Zeltserman considers noir.  He has some good points, and some interesting reading recommendations.

Zeltserman is making a counterpoint to Dennis Lehane’s view of noir in this article:

I like both there takes, but Hammett and Chandler will always be noir heroes to me, no matter how good an argument Zeltserman has.

Review: The Drop Movie vs Book


So  I finally got to see The Drop!  One of the bad things about living in small town Montana is we don’t get every movie that comes out in the theaters, in our theaters.  I am a huge Dennis Lehane fan and have read almost all of his work and seen every movie based on his novels.  This story started as a novel, that didn’t get finished, that got turned into a short story, that got picked up as a movie and turned into a screenplay, movie gets made and the novel finally gets finished.  The good news is Lehane is the one that wrote all the material.  I read the book months ago when it first came out and thought it was a great little book.  Since the book was actually written after the screenplay and movie, it doesn’t vary from the movie but may give a little more insight into the characters.  Compared to Leahane’s current series, the Coughlin books, this is a short pulpy book, but no less fun.


I then was ready to see the movie, but had to wait for the DVD release and for Netflix to send it to my house.  I know this film was a small film, but could have been a lot bigger at the box office in my opinion.  Maybe we were spoiled in 2014 with so many great neo-noir films coming to theaters, maybe this got lost in the shuffle between Gone Girl and Nightcrawler.  No, I would not put this movie in a class with those two, but it isn’t that far behind.

This film may be best known and go down in history as the last film of James Gandolfini.  Gandolfini does his normal, but no less memorable New York baddy.  This is also the first American film for director, Michaël R. Roskam.  Roskam previous work Bullhead is a cool little country noir from Belgium and is worth searching out if you haven’t already seen it.   Matthias Schoenaerts, who also worked with Roskam on Bullhead, does a great job as a street thug. Original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Noomi Rapace plays the slightly broken girl our protagonist falls for.  Our protagonist is played by Tom Hardy, whom I feel is a very underrated actor.  He always choices interesting roles and with the exception of “This Means War,” I’ve loved him in everything I’ve seen.

So a quick non-spoiler preview that works for both book and movie.  We have a bar called Cousin Marv’s run by Bob and his Cousin Marv.  The bar is a drop bar for the mob.  A drop bar is where all the money owed the mafia is dropped at every night.  There are many drop bars and the bars are picked at random each night.  Our hero Bob is walking home one night and finds a puppy pit bull in a trash can, beaten and left for dead.  The lady whose trash can the dog is found in, work together to bring the dog back to health.  From this the story takes off on a wild ride of crime in a hard neighborhood.

So what wins in this book verses movie?  I can’t decide, I really liked them both.  Do this dynamic duo in whatever way you normally like to do them.  Book then Movie, Movie then Book, I don’t think it matters, if you enjoy anything Lehane grab the one easiest for you to find and enjoy.