Book Review: Warren Lane by Andrew Diamond


Andrew Diamond was kind enough to send me a copy of his new book Warren Lane. I was impressed he took the time to send a hand written note and signed my copy, a nice touch I appreciated.

Warren Lane is a name of a character in the book, but not the main character. This book’s plot is a series of miscommunication, mistaken identity, and bad luck.

The story revolves around a handful of characters. The first is Ready, a drunk that has been getting by with his good looks, something he isn’t comfortable with. For all his flaws, Ready is a lovable character we root for through out. Ella is a beautiful model who gets involved with a rich, older, married man. William is the rich, older, married man Ella makes happy. William is the character I most rooted against in this tale.  Susan is William’s wife and thinks he is cheating on her. Susan hires a private investigator named Warren Lane to find out if William is cheating or not.

The story has these characters crossing each other’s paths while they all try and find their way through life. This book is for fans of Elmore Leonard stories and Coen Brother’s movies.  It is a mix of black comedy and noir crime with an improbable chain of events.

This is Andrew Diamond’s first book and it sounds like he is already in the process of writing a second book that will be darker and more in the vein of Jim Thompson or Ross Macdonald. This is a very good book for a first work and I look forward to reading his second effort.

Grab a copy if you are looking for a fun read from a new author. This story will take you on an enjoyable ride worth the price of admission.