Short Film Review: Lover’s Leap


I was contacted by writer/director Jonathan Zuck to take a look at his new short film/music video. So I was lucky enough to get a preview of the 7 minute film a few weeks ago. The clip is dripping in classic noir with tons of shadow play, fedoras, a smokey bar and dark streets. Our lead character is a chain-smoking, heavy drinking, hardboiled detective and of course we have a fiery red-head of a femme fatale. We even have a twist with a downer of an ending told in a classic flashback form!

All this is set to the song Lover’s Leap by Exit 10,a band I have never heard of, but based on this song I will be looking for more of their music.

Check out the full video below:

Billy Idol Film-Noir Video

First Bob Dylan and now Billy Idol has made a film noir type music video.  Is a trend starting?  Check out Idol’s video below and my post of Bob Dylan’s video is here: