Article: Born Under A Bad Sign-The Life of Edward Bunker


So I just started reading Edward Bunker’s book Dog Eat Dog and can’t believe how great it is so far. Look for a book review soon. I already knew a bit about Edward Bunker, but found myself looking for a more information on this man. Most will know him from playing Mr. Blue from Reservoir Dogs. He has appeared in many other films, including Heat, Tango and Cash and Straight Time. He is a writer more then an actor and has written a hand full of novels, an autobiography along with many short stories. 2 of his books have been made into movies with a 3rd being made right now.

Charles Waring has written a great retrospective of Bunker’s life over at Crime Time well worth reading. Here is a link to that retrospective:

2 thoughts on “Article: Born Under A Bad Sign-The Life of Edward Bunker

  1. Big fan of Mr Bunker. Dog eat dog is excellent but try No Beast so Fierce, for my money one of the best crime books ever. Max, the unrepentent criminal, is a character a writer can only dream of creating. I believe there was a film staring Dustin Hoffman made sometime in the 70s but have been unable to track it down.


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