Review: The Bridge or Bron/Broen Season 2

I recently reviewed The Bridge Season 1 here:

As I said in that review, I could not wait to watch the next season. I was leery that this show could keep up the quality of the first season, but my concerns where unnecessary.

This season starts out with a tanker running into the bridge. The tanker has no crew and 5 teenagers drugged and chained in the boat. Saga, played by Sofia Helin, is soon on the case. As the investigation goes on Saga soon goes to Denmark for their support on the case and of course she wants to work with Martin again. Without giving any spoilers of season 1, we find Martin, played by Kim Bodnia, with totally white hair from the stresses still haunting him from the conclusion of season 1. The season continues as an investigation about a group of environmental terrorist takes our duo on a rollercoaster ride of an investigation.

The personal lives of our heroes has changed too. Saga has a new boyfriend, who has moved in with her. She tries to adapt to somebody always being at her home as she turns most of her attention to the case. Martin also digs into Saga’s past and he uncovers some troubling facts about her childhood and family. Martin on the other hand is seeing a psychiatrist to deal with his new problems stemming from season 1. Martin’s wife has also left him and he is trying to win his family back through out this season.

This season also introduces us to a vast new collection of supporting characters, all great in their own right. There are too many to name here, but trust me they are all intertwined into a twisted plot that will leave you wanting more. This season also ends with a very unpredictable outcome for our two detectives that I don’t think anybody could see coming.

I highly recommend this television series for any fans of neo noir and especially those of Nordic noir. If you haven’t seen season 1 yet, go do it now! Then run out and watch season 2 as soon as you’re done.

Since season three is airing in Europe right now, we may have to wait awhile to see it over here in America. I will be waiting patiently for the day I can watch it.


One thought on “Review: The Bridge or Bron/Broen Season 2

  1. Same as you, I found out about Bron/Broen after I read about The Bridge. I watched the first episode, and tried to find some more information.
    But while I loved the original series, I mostly fast-forwarded the episodes of the US remake (I found Diane Kruger’s acting really bad, but was curious to know how they would end it).
    Same with The Tunnel. Being French, I was curious about it. I thought they had some good ideas (how they handled the fact that you can’t drive across the tunnel and therefore some things that had to be changed), but after the first episode, I fast forwarded too (again, I was curious about the plot).
    I didn’t watch The Bridge season 2, and won’t bother watching series 2 of The Tunnel. But I didn’t miss a single episode of Bron 2, and episodes of Bron 3 don’t come fast enough. I already ordered the dvds, lucky me living in Europe. I hope you won’t have to wait for too long.

    I agree, while the concept -2 opposite people reluctantly working together and finally becoming friends- is not new, it’s the series taken as a whole that makes it so great. The way the story is told (series of plots first seemingly unrelated), the way it is shot (so beautifully), the score (used wisely), the various characters. And among those characters, the main 2 of course, who have so many layers. And last but not least, the actors playing those main characters (which was one of the main reasons why I didn’t like the remakes, along with some big changes in the characters). Sofia Helin is even greater in season 3.

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