Ysabelle Cheung on East Asian Film Noir : Transnational Encounters and Intercultural Dialogue

Ysabelle Cheung writes an excellent review of the book East Asian Film Noir: Transnational Encounters and Intercultural Dialogue. This book contains essays on films from the Far East that maybe classified as noir. It sounds like an excellent book worth checking out for fans of noir films or films from East Asia. This book will be shooting up my “to read” list if for no other reason than to find more films to watch. One of the questions this book asks is “can there be film noir from East Asia?” Well as most of you know, I find noir films from all over the world and have to say some of my favorite noir films are from East Asia and look forward to discovering even more. What are your thoughts on the subject? Here is Cheung’s full review of the book over at Los Angeles Review of Books:


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