Hardboiled Wonderland 90 Crime Flick Picks From the 90s

Noir author Jedidiah Ayres commented on my “Taste of Cinema’s Best 20 Neo-Noir Films of the 1990’s” post I had earlier in the week. That post is here:


Here is Ayers’ comment on the list: “Not. A. Single. John Dahl pick? No The Grifters, After Dark My Sweet, Lone Star, City of Industry, Little Odessa, The Indian Runner, Fresh, Lost Highway, Hard Eight, Copland? Oh well, controversy is fun. My picks (it woulda been hard to narrow to 20)”

Well I agree with him! Like he said narrowing it down to 20 would be hard, so why not just put all the greats on the list and come up with 90! So here is the link to Ayers’ Top 90 of the 90’s:


I love this list, but I only have one thing to say Jedidiah, how could you have a 90 Best Crime Films of the 1990’s without Fight Club, Silence of the Lambs and Pulp Fiction on the list? Oh well, controversy is fun.

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