Jason Statham is making a sequel to Layer Cake

Layer Cake is getting a sequel for better or for worse. I love this film and as anybody that has seen this movie knows, it did not leave much room for a sequel. That said, writer of the book, J. J. Connolly has written a new book with XXX in it. This film will be based on that book called Viva La Madness. Here is the article by Isaac Feldberg, I came across about the film over at We Got This Covered:


What is your opinion on this? Without Daniel Craig or Matthew Vaughn involved are you even interested? Is Jason Statham the right man for this film?

3 thoughts on “Jason Statham is making a sequel to Layer Cake

  1. They have to put Daniel Craig in it other wise it would not be the same. If they are going to do a sequel you have to put the characters that was in the first one.


  2. I agree with James, it would make more sense to list it as ‘from the team that brought you’ rather than calling it a true sequel. I’d probably give it a go, though…


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