Top 40 Neo-Noir Films of the 90’s

I came across this video on YouTube and found it very interesting. There are a handful of films on this list I have not seen yet. Overall I liked all the films on this list that I have seen and the order seems to be pretty good. Sure there are a few films I would move up the list and a few I would drop down a few spots, but overall they seem to be in a pretty good order. I have no idea where this list came from or who put together this video, but it is a good one!

Is there any films from the 1990’s that did not make this list, that should be? Some I didn’t see that I felt should be on the list are Dark City, Miller’s Crossing, Le Femme Nikita, Point Break, Pulp Fiction, The Crow, Hard Eight, Fargo, and Bound. I look forward to revisiting some of these films soon, and hope to see the few I haven’t yet.

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