The Village Voice Article: 20 Neo-Noir Films You Have to See

I came across this article from The Village Voice from last year. The Article may be old, but since neo-noir films are timeless, this is worth looking at. How many of these 20 films have you seen? I’ve seen 18, but hope to see the other 2 soon!


2 thoughts on “The Village Voice Article: 20 Neo-Noir Films You Have to See

  1. Personally, I disagree with the whole idea of “neo-noir”. To me, film noir is film noir no matter when it was made. I’ve actually done an entire post discussing this idea at length:

    Anyway, Out of that list I’ve seen two: Chinatown and Mulholland Drive. Both are great films. In fact, as a David Lynch fan I’d probably call Mulholland Drive as one of his best (I say “one of” because I never could decide definitively what his best film was, I love them all; even Dune had some good stuff in it). You know, come to think of it, I think Lynch’s earlier film Blue Velvet might also have some elements of noir in it (it certainly would not be hard to see where he was influenced by 1950’s crime films).

    Another good one that didn’t seem to be on that list was Blade Runner, which puts the noir environment in a science fiction setting. An even lesser-known one is the movie Angel Heart, which is basically a psychological horror film framed within an old-fashioned detective story (it’s hard to say much else without giving anything away); that is a disturbing movie, especially in the last few minutes.

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  2. I also felt this list was pretty random and not a “best of” list by no means. I think they just wanted to bring some films that people may have forgotten about, back to the limelight. I liked all the films on the list, but would put few on a top 20 list. I’ll check out your article, thanks for the link. One thing I’ve found about noir, neo-noir and film-noir is that no two people have the same opinion on what they are. Makes for some interesting discussions and some interesting looks at film and fiction.


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