“Czar of Noir” Eddie Muller Talks TCM’s Summer of Darkness

Great Interview! I’m reblogging this to Everythingnoir.com.

Ticklish Business

EddieMullerAnyone who’s watched a noir on TCM knows the name Eddie Muller, the “Czar of Noir.” Founder and president of the Film Noir Foundation and the co-programmer of the San Francisco Noir City Film Festival (he’s also from my neck of the woods!), Muller has become TCM’s go-to man for all things dark, gritty, and noirish. This year he’ll be the host of TCM’s Summer of Darkness, introducing nothing but noir titles for two months this summer. He was gracious enough to do an interview with me in promotion of this Saturday’s upcoming premiere, talking about the event, his time with TCM and more.

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