Review: Danger Signal

Danger Signal is a classic film noir from 1945 starring Faye Emerson as our femme fatale, or is she?  With Zachary Scott as our protagonist.   Robert Florey directs and looks to have directed not only some crime dramas and film noirs, but a bunch of movies from different genres.

This is a simple plot and well executed.  We have Zachary Scott’s character jumping out of a married women’s bedroom window as the police are at the front door.  He gets away and the authorities think it is suicide.  He gets a few bucks out of her purse on the way out.  We then go to Emerson’s character as a secretary for a doctor, she seems happy, but is looking for love.  She soon finds it in Scott the new stranger in town.  The romance seems to blossom and they are soon engaged.  Soon Emerson’s little sister comes to town on the train, played by Mona Freeman.  The little sister is going to get $25,000 when she marries and soon we see Scott’s character leaning towards the younger sister.  Emerson becomes suspicions of this and wants to kill Scott.  Will she succeed or will our lead marry the younger sister and live off the $25000 until its gone?

Like I said, this is a pretty simple plot with not a lot of twists and turns, but a bit of a surprise ending.  This doesn’t look like an overly popular film noir, but is worth watching for big noir fans or fans of Scott and Emerson.

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