Review: Go For Sisters


Go for Sisters is a neo-noir from writer, director John Sayles.  Sayles directed a few big budget Hollywood films and then went on to make independent films.  He may be best known in noir and neo-noir circles for Lone Star.  I plan on re-watching and reviewing it in the future.

This film stars LisaGay Hamilton, Yolonda Ross and Edward James Olmos with a few familiar faces in small cameos like Isaiah Washington,Harold Perrineau and Hector Elizondo.


This movie starts with Hamilton as a parole officer and one of her paroles is Ross, who we soon find out where childhood friends.  Hamilton has become estranged from her son, with no way to contact him anymore.  In her search for him, she goes to one of her son’s friends, Fuzzy, to see if he has seen her son.  We find Fuzzy has been murdered and soon find out her son is a suspect.  Hamilton recruits her childhood friend Ross to help her find her son.  They then hire Olmos, a ex-officer who has been terminated from his job and has lost his pension.  He needs funds and is willing to help our two ladies for a price.  The story crosses from Texas to Mexico where things really get dark with adult book stores, dirty cops, a China town in Mexico, and some illegal border crossing.

This border noir debuted at South by Southwest in Austin back in 2013 and made the film festival circuit but never really found an audience.  It got above average reviews from critics and was nominated for a few awards, including the Independent Spirit Award for Supporting Actress for Ross.  The film has recently been released on DVD and should find a wider audience.

For me this film was a little long at almost 2 hours for the story it tells.  It’s a good film and is worth viewing, but don’t expect something as great as Lone Star.


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