News: Luther is back!


Production on a 2 part Luther special is coming to BBC!  It has started filming in London and will be on BBC in the fall, hopefully this means on BBC America as well.  Both Idris Elba and creator Neil Cross are involved.  Hopefully this doesn’t mean we are not getting the planned feature film, but it will obviously delay that.  If you have not seen this television series I highly recommend that you do.  There is also a book that is a prequel to the show, written by Neil Cross(I have not read the book yet, but look forward to doing so soon).  The book is what the basis of the movie will be.  Check out more details here:

2 thoughts on “News: Luther is back!

  1. Love this series to death well written also as well as acting and a terrific cast. It is going in my collection. I have all 3 season so far.


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