What to be Watching Right Now: Better Call Saul


Fans of the legendary AMC desert noir series Breaking Bad will be tuning in for Better Call Saul, but is it worth it?  I just got done watching the first 2 episodes and found them very good.  I will not pass judgement on the series until I see the whole first season, but I think it is worth viewing. The first episode opens in a classic black and white noir style to sets the tone for the neo noir series. Better Call Saul broke the record for most viewers for a new series on cable T.V. and spinning off of Breaking Bad will do that for you.  Rolling Stone and Rotten Tomato are calling this a comedy-noir and I agree, it can get really dark and the plot can get very twisted, but we get a laugh now and then to break the darkness.  I think the creators did the right thing with this.  Originally this was going to be a half hour comedy, but I think a one-hour more serious program fits better and keeps all the Breaking Bad fans as well as gains new ones.  Bob Odenkirk is great as Jimmy McGill the sleaze bag lawyer, con-artist that we love to root for.  I look forward to seeing more episodes and from the early ratings and reviews around the web it looks like everybody that seen it so far is also excited to see more.

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