Review: The Girl with the Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson


I’ve seen some reviews and blurbs that compare this to Gone Girl, and there are some similarities.  They both have flashbacks to a different time where our couple is happier.  We have an untrustworthy female lead, and they both have Girl in the title.  Beyond that there are not much alike, but if that gives readers a reason to check out this book, that’s a good thing.  This book has a femme fatale that is much darker than in Gone Girl, and a male lead that is a more trustworthy narrator.  This is very modern Hitchcockian tail to me.  Our lead tells us his story from two timelines,20 years apart and they are both very interesting.  He is put in a bad spot in both timelines by his first love and in many senses his only love.  He knows he can’t trust her, but he really wants to.  This is Peter Swanson’s first book and I look forward to reading more from him.  He is a great storyteller and I think he will just get better with time.  This book and his new book The Kind Worth Killing have both been optioned for movies already.  I look forward to reading The Kind Worth Killing in the near future and can see where The Girl with the Clock for a Heart could be an outstanding film.  Currently this book is available on Nook and Kindle for $1.99 so it is a good time to pick it up and give it a read.

5 thoughts on “Review: The Girl with the Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson

      • Thanks Bryan. From the reviews I’ve read, A Kind Worth Killing does seem to the more popular book. It’s interesting you use the term “Hitchcockian”to describe this tale, as the other is too – it has parallels with Stranger On A Train (although, technically, I suppose that’s Highsmithian – of whom I’m a big fan!) Looking at your tastes, I suspect you may possibly be too!


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