Christa Faust’s Angel Dare series

cover_big (1)cover_big

Christa Faust is not only a great noir author, she loves noir.  If you’re not following her on Facebook you are missing out. She posts lots of great pin ups from the past, news about old film-noir movies playing in theaters, and tons of other information on books and films.  You should check out her Blog as well at:

Now on to the books. This series is modern pulp gold.  If you think you can’t judge a book by its cover, your wrong.  These covers are pulp art and if you like them, you will love the stories inside.  Christa takes some classic noir themes and modernizes them.  Our main character is not your average noir type character, no private detective or mafia member here, she’s a female porn star!  Sure we have had femme fatales we fall in love with that are shady, but beautiful, and it always helps when they are a successful business women of some kind, but how about a porn star that owns their own adult entertainment company?!?!  Why has nobody thought of this before?  I admit it, I love Angel Dare, she is a strong female that has worked her way up the food chain in the porn industry. A business that is a grey area, it is legal but has some shady people working in it.  She looks out for her girls because she has been there and knows what it’s like.  She gets in a jam with some bad dudes and does what she needs to, to get herself out.  It’s a fun ride that is more original then you would think.  So how does she stand up in the second novel?  The second book takes a common theme in noir, professional fighting and modernizes it.  Instead of using Boxing like many noir stories have in the past, lets use Mixed Martial Arts?  Why not, it really works and Angel gets into more crazy trouble but in the world of MMA instead of Porn this time, not that we don’t revisit that world a little in this tale too. If you’re looking for something dark and gritty you should check out Angel Dare.  Now the question is, Christa, are we getting a new Angel Dare book?  If so, when?

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