Happy Birthday Femme Fatale of the Year Rosamund Pike!

rosamund-pike-gone-girlIt’s Rosamund PIke’s Birthday and I would like to reward her Everything Noir’s first official..unofficial award.  For 2014’s Gone Girl, Rosamund win’s Femme Fatal of the Year for her portrayal of Amy Dunne.  Do you think somebody else should have won?  Let me know in the comments.

Cry Father by Benjamin Whitmer

51lO0F+37GL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Cry Father from Benjamin Whitmer is a great new book, I had no idea where it was going but loved the ride.  We have Meth heads, a Motorbike Gang, Kidnapping, Accidental? Murder, recluses living in the Colorado wild, a couple combinations of Fathers and Sons(hence the title) and a wild ride into the west.  I really enjoyed Whitmer’s writing, this is his second book of fiction and I look forward to checking out his first book, Pike.  This is getting great reviews all over the net and deserves to be discovered by more people.  Have you read anything by Whitmer?  If you have let me know what you thought in the comments.

Bad Turn Worse

Bad Turn Worse is a great modern Noir.  I really enjoyed this film and it looks like the few people that have watched it so far seem to agree.  Currently it has 82% Rotten Tomatoes rating but only a 5.9 on IMDb with less then 1000 ratings.  The biggest star in this small film is Jeremy Allen White, who is known for playing Lip on Shameless.  This takes place in Texas and revolves around 3 young friends that get caught up in a bad idea that turns worse, ah now I understand that title.  I loved seeing William Devane in this, this guy just knows how to play the rich evil, doesn’t he? This is the first movie written by Dutch Southern(Great name!) and look forward to seeing what else he contributes to.  Easter Egg of Noir note:  Jim Thompson’s book South of Heaven (haven’t read this one yet, but it’s on my to read list now).

If this trailer doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will!

Review of Black Widow

Black Widow is the first classic film-noir that I have seen that is in color.  Usually film-noir from this era is in black and white and lends to the over all atmosphere of the movie.  Color worked for me in this movie, the New York skyline looked amazing and felt like one of the characters.  Ginger Rodgers plays a successful actress and shows why she really was a great actress in this part.  Really liked Van Heflin as our main man and George Raft is always cool with his amazing voice and dialog.  This currently only has a 6.8 rating on IMDb, but has only a little over 1000 ratings.  I think if your a fan of the genre you will really enjoy it.  If you’ve seen it comment below with what you thought of this film.


Hello world!

My goal with this blog is to review, discuss and show news that pertains to all things Noir!  That means we will be looking at movies, T.V. and books that deal with the Noir genre. Noir can be kind of vague as a genre and you can find lots of different definitions and meanings for the term out there. I mean if you see a Western or SciFi movie you know it instantly, but it seems Noir can be a little harder to classify.  In fact a Western or SciFi movie could also be classified as Noir by some.  I will post on what I feel falls into this genre, some may agree and some may not. The sites I’ve seen have been very informative but seem to only deal with classic Film-Noir or only with new books in the genre or another minor part of the big picture.  I think if you love one part of this genre you probably still like some of the others fields as well.  I really want this to be a site where we can discuss old and new and everything in-between as well as keep up on news of new projects and pass on recommendations to each other.

Thanks for checking out my blog and would love to hear feedback from you.