Hello world!

My goal with this blog is to review, discuss and show news that pertains to all things Noir!  That means we will be looking at movies, T.V. and books that deal with the Noir genre. Noir can be kind of vague as a genre and you can find lots of different definitions and meanings for the term out there. I mean if you see a Western or SciFi movie you know it instantly, but it seems Noir can be a little harder to classify.  In fact a Western or SciFi movie could also be classified as Noir by some.  I will post on what I feel falls into this genre, some may agree and some may not. The sites I’ve seen have been very informative but seem to only deal with classic Film-Noir or only with new books in the genre or another minor part of the big picture.  I think if you love one part of this genre you probably still like some of the others fields as well.  I really want this to be a site where we can discuss old and new and everything in-between as well as keep up on news of new projects and pass on recommendations to each other.

Thanks for checking out my blog and would love to hear feedback from you.

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I just discovered this blog a couple of days ago. i’m also a big film noir lover (I even write about it for a website). I like what you have going on here. I’ll be slowing making my way through your archives from the past year. It’s great to connect with other film noir fans on the web. I’m glad you’ve made this blog.

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      • It’s called PopOptiq (although until recently, Sound on Sight). It offers a little bit of everything like tv, film and comics but I mostly dabble in the film section. If you’re so inclined, the page for the film noir column I write is here http://www.popoptiq.com/trending/crazy-octopus/friday-film-noir/

        In any event, I’m just glad to find like-minded people. There are three or four of these film noir blogs that have really attracted my attention. I feel like, apart from having read some criticism from the noir scholars like James Ursini and Eddie Mueller, I’ve kind of been writing in a bubble for the past couple years. I have to get around, read other voices and exchange ideas. Like I said, I’ll be checking your back catalogue. Might take a little while to get up to speed, but I’ll get there.

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