Review: I Became a Criminal or They Made Me a Fugitive


I Became a Criminal or how it was named on TCM, They Made Me a Fugitive is a film-noir from Britain in 1947.  The one thing that surprised me about this film is its violence towards women, with two scenes where women were beaten by men.  I didn’t really see if this was a controversy or not, but I can’t image in 1947 it not being controversial.  Trevor Howard stars and had a long career as an actor.  The surprise for me was Sally Gray, I did a little research on her and she had a nervous breakdown and took 5 years off not long before she made this film.  She also only made a few more films after this.  Hollywood did come calling, no surprise, she seems very talented and was a beautiful actress, but decided to leave show business and married.  She stayed married to her husband until his death at 100 years old, so maybe she made the right decision for herself.  The other actress that stood out to me is Mary Merrall, she played the old lady that keeps all the gangsters in line.  She did this with some of the best lines in the movie and was a character I would have liked to see more of, and her background story.  This is a good classic film-noir, worth checking out.

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